Charlie Gear

Charlie Gear was born in Kissimmee, Florida. His dad owned a bar there frequented by Vassar Clements. Charlie began playing the violin as a teenager when his younger brother, Jim Gear, bought him his first violin. Charlie was fortunate to have had early training with David Davidson, a well-known studio violinist and Celtic artist in the Nashville area.

Charlie's works comprise a wide variety of original instrumental and public domain tunes, backed by his own composed accompaniment, which fuse a New Age/ Blues/jazz/Celtic feel. His ability to transfer his passion for life to others through his music is what listeners recognize as ''playing from his heart''.

His love for music and the violin grew during his younger life as Charlie traveled and lived on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, in San Francisco, and in Central America. After recovering from an injury which claimed years of his playing, Charlie performed again for his fans in 2000 at the Deland Artisan Inn for the 2000 Deland Fall Festival of the Arts in Deland, Florida.

Charlie was awarded Best Instrumental Composer in both 2003 and 2005 by the Songwriters Showcase of America, and Musician of the Year for 2012. He is currently working on his third CD.

Here's what Charlie's fans say:
''Charlie's music comes from his soul. It touches mine in a powerful way''.
''Elevating, dynamic, awakening, haunting, mysterious, limitless''.
''His music stirs my heart''.
"our guests mentioned how magical it was to walk thru the forest listening to your music."

Website: Charlie Gear