Oddbins - You may find the band’s name a wee bit odd, but it is based on sound logic as it was inspired by a liquor store in Scotland and you’ll find that the band members can be odd at times! All proud members of the New World Celts, this band was spawned from the jam sessions at the Orlando Chapter meetings and continues to play a major part in jam sessions as well as other Celtic events all around the Central Florida area.

The Oddbins musicians are Lisa McIntyre (vocals, guitar, and mandolin), formerly with Celtic Fringe and later with the Angels’ Share; Zoey Carr (flute, vocals, percussion), a previous member of Lake Brantley High School Marching Band and Rosie O’Grady’s Highlanders Bagpipe and Drum Band; Terry Henson (stand-up bass, vocals); Jim Carr (guitar); Carolyn Schultz (bodhran); and George Houston (djembe, spoons).