Haley Richardson

Haley Richardson is a young traditional Irish fiddler making her mark in the Irish music world. Over the past eight years, she has amassed a long list of accomplishments and performed at venues all over the United States sharing the stage with many of the icons in Irish music.

Haley with her highly ornamented Sligo style, perfected under the tutelage of fiddler Brian Conway, is the 2015 Junior Fiddler of Dooney, in 2013 won All Ireland Championships in both fiddle and fiddle slow airs, and in 2016 placed 2nd in both under 15 fiddle and fiddle slow airs. In addition to multiple All Ireland medals, she is an 8X MidAtlantic Fleadh Champion, winning her first championship in the under twelve age category at only six years old. She was featured in an article in Fiddler Magazine’s Fall 2015 issue.

Haley, accompanied by her brother, Dylan, released her debut album, Heart on a String, in March 2015. Find out more about Haley at her website listed below. Haley will be joined at the Ormond Beach Festival by guitarist Don Penzien, guitarist for Gailfean.

Website: Hayley's Website