Lift Irish Band

Lift is comprised of Lamont Goff on guitar, mandolin, backing vocals; Julian Lambertson on fiddle, whistles, vocals; and Justin Murphy on flute, guitar, bodhran, and vocals.

Lamont started out as a bluegrass mandolin player. We snagged him and forced him to play Irish-style guitar, but still let him play mandolin sometimes. Lamont's biggest musical influences are Elvis, Bulgarian women's choirs, Electro-Gypsy-Swing, and Pantera. We try to stop these influences from seeping into our music, but he sneaks one through the gate every now and than. Lamont's favorite food is cold boscetti, an unusual craving he acquired while touring New Zealand several years ago.

A consummate musician of over 20 years, Julian has performed and taught all over the US and Western Europe. He has been touring since he was a teenager and cut his teeth busking on Kansas City's mean streets, hence his imposing appearance. His musical odyssey began studying classical music with multi-award winning violinist Alvaro Gomez. Through listening and playing with various contra dance bands in central Florida, he also learned old time fiddle. This opened the doors to a whole new world of music and Julian quickly fell in love with the traditions of Ireland, once again through exposure to dance bands.
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Justin was born in Portsmouth, England but quickly adopted an American accent when he began playing Irish music. He has been playing Irish flute, tin whistle and bodhran for over 25 years and started out as a house musician in O'Flaherty's Irish pub in New Orleans, LA, where he helped form the New Orleans based Irish band, the Poor Clares. He also played with the traditional Irish trio, Legacy, and both bands frequently toured Irish, Celtic and folk festivals and venues throughout the US. For many years, Justin has also been a solo singer/guitarist in Irish pubs in New Orleans, DC, and Orlando.
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