Jig to a Milestone

Jig to a Milestone is an up and coming Celtic band from St Augustine, FL. Their unconventional instrumentation and eclectic song list makes for a unique and rich listening experience you have to hear. They cover a wide variety of Celtic music with ballads, traditionals, pub classics, instrumentals, sea shanties, and the occasional bawdy tune.

The driving force behind Jig to a Milestone is the passion and talent of two people: Victoria Van Arnam and Jason Catron

The lovely Victoria Van Arnam plays the Hammered Dulcimer and is the inspiration for everything they do. If youíve never seen a Hammered Dulcimer before you will be awestruck by its haunting sound and peaceful ambiance. It sounds something like a mix between a harp and a piano. Victoria puts it to stunning use playing everything from delicate medieval pieces to rollicking Celtic rock covers.

Handsome and quirky, Jason Catron is the voice and rhythm of the band. He plays a barrage of stringed instruments including guitar, Irish bouzouki, tenor banjo, and mandolin to suit our varied songs. Jason is also a master of the tin whistle and will delight you with his fingers of fire as he tears through jigs and reels at breakneck speed. Jasonís rich, lilting baritone comes through with a pure tone that will make you believe youíre kissing the Blarney Stone!

Jason and Victoria will be presenting a Workshop on Sunday titled "Instruments: Unconventional & Outlandish" - This workshops uncovers ancient musical instruments, some long forgotten and some who have evolved into the most common of modern equipment. We like to focus on how the instruments make their sounds, where they come from, what they are related to, and where they are used today. This panel is hands on and good for all ages. Check the schedule for the "when!"