Jig to a Milestone

Jig to a Milestone is an eclectic folk duo from the steamy swamps of Gainesville, Florida. Since 2012 they have been performing everywhere from smoky pubs to the big stages of festivals and everywhere in between. Their sound and influence crosses genres and includes traditional Irish and Scottish music, Sea Shanties, Country and Bluegrass, Americana, Musical Comedy, Science Fiction, Singer Songwriters, Punk, Obscure Indie bands and more. They bring high energy, quick wit and many bad jokes and toasts to every performance. Whether itís an intimate acoustic setting or a rowdy Renaissance Faire, Jig to a Milestone is right at home and ready to entertain to your heartís delight.

Jason Catron is a founding member of the band and comes with a rich musical background. Growing up among historical re-enactments, he picked up the penny whistle at an early age and quickly became quite skilled. Through his adolescence, he went on to learn Saxophone, Oboe and Bass Guitar. In more recent years, he returned to his folk music roots and learned to play guitar, bouzouki, mandolin, mandocello and tenor banjo. His light baritone voice is powerful and clear and lilts in such a way that you would swear heís Irish.

Scott West joined Jig to a Milestone in 2016 and is pleased to be adding his own musical influences to the band. Scott grew up with a keen interest in music playing Saxophone, Bassoon and Percussion in middle and high school as well as spending three years at the University of Florida as a Bassoon Performance major. During this time, Scott also learned the Guitar from his father and rapidly became interested in Celtic and American folk music. Scott now accompanies Jason with his Guitar, Bodhran and flexible voice that can range from tenor through baritone. Scott is married to the lovely and incredibly patient Miranda, with two children Daniel and Maggie.

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